Friday, September 18, 2015


Goldilocks is not too happy with the three bears. 

We have had bears in our park every year.  We have seen about one a year in the past.  NOT this year.  We have had bear sightings since mid-July.  This past couple of weeks we have had bear sightings daily.  And it's not always the same bear or bears.

As a child, I was always told that there was no difference between a black bear and a brown bear. They were just a different colour.  I have just researched that information and I come up with different information on different sites.

This guy visits us at suppertime.  Obviously a black bear and we think male because there are no cubs.

For us the colour of the bear tells us that they are definitely different bears.  We have not been seeing the same bear over and over.  The first sighting, not by us but by some campers, was a mother black bear and her two very small cubs.  That was in July and that bear was very aggressive.  She stood up against the side of these campers' van and growled in the window.  Mother bears will naturally protect their cubs but taking on a van is quite out of the ordinary.

This was last night and that is our rig.  Too close.

 This was last week.  Little brown bear and our staff member Gord.

Not only do we see them in the park, we see them in the bushes on the side of the road on the way to the park.  This big guy is having his fill of saskatoon berries.

Locals tell us that this is a very big year for bears.  There was a very mild winter last year.

We are leaving the park tomorrow.  We are leaving Gord here all by himself.  He lives in the cabin and he has been pulling the couch across the door at night.  He promises not to go out after dark.  Today he is arranging to get some bear bangers.  These bears are not afraid.  We have air horns, we chase them with the carts, we chase them with the trucks.  They just look back and seem to say "Ha Ha, you don't scare me".


Jan Mains said...

I think I'd rather see them from a little further distance.

Jim and Sandie said...

That is way too close. But I sure hope they don't have to shoot them.

Linda Sand said...

Scary when they don't scare. Reminds me of the bear that walked into our backpacking site one time. When Dave banged a spoon on a pan the bear just looked at him like, "You got a problem, buddy?" Glad you are leaving. Hope Gord is OK.

Wanderin' said...

That is definitely scary. I wouldn't want the bears to be too close. They are way too big and way too strong. Maybe you ought to consider getting rid of the berries that are too close to the park. Food may be what's bringing them close in.

Striper said...

If your local Wildlife Agents won't relocate them, then putting them down will be your only option. Not my first choice by a long shot, just way better than having one of them hurt one of the many "Little People" that visit your beautiful park. Then again, Bear meat is really good if it's cooked right. LOL


Jerry and Janice Hyder said...

Make sure one doesn't stow away with you in the downstairs bin Doug built ....yikes. Lol safe travels.

Sue said...

It is true that you can't tell whether a bear is a Black Bear or a Grizzly by it's color. Black bears can be cinnamon or brown in color as well as Black.
A true Brown Bear is a Grizzly Bear that lives near the water and lives on fish. They have the standard Grizzly Bear hump and aggressive personality. They also grow bigger than Grizzlies because it's easier to catch fish than squirrels. Black bears are much more timid.
More than you want to know I am sure, but here's my post outlining some differences: