Tuesday, June 30, 2015


First I must clarify.  In my last post, I mentioned that summer was half over.  I mean OUR summer stint at Monck Park.  We got here 93 days ago and we will be staying another 73 days.  Better than half way.  Half way to being back on the road, doing what we love.

Jason, Michelle and Sophie along with their friends Carmen and Ryan and daughters Ryllie and Taylor, were here in the park for four days.  It worked well because Doug and I were working nights during that time.

Our son Jason

One evening I took Sophie and Ryllie around on the golf cart to distribute the reservation tags.  What a ball they had.  So fun to spend time with the family.

The day before Jason and Michelle left, our dear friends Jack and Bianca arrived.  We last saw Jack and Bianca in Yuma, Arizona over a very heated Scrabble game.  We plan to have a few more games during the time they are here.

The four of us shared dessert at their site during a very spectacular thunderstorm.

We watched this boat that was anchored in the lake bob up and down.


In the meantime, things go on in the park.  

Doug refinished our dining room table.  Doesn't it look beautiful.

One afternoon, I looked out the window and saw the following:


A newby camper, with a brand new rig didn't chock the tires.  They had been inside, let out their slide and gone outside.  The little trailer just rolled off the back of the site.    Sadly for the embarrassed campers, the tow truck took nearly two hours to come to their rescue.  Many other campers came by to console them (and take pictures).


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Wonderful memories you made with the family.

Great job, Doug. The table looks awesome.

Jan Mains said...

Are you planning to spend some time in Casa Grande?

Linda Sand said...

Oops, indeed!

The table is beautiful. But, I already knew Doug does good work.

George Yates said...

Nice job on the table.

Wanderin' said...

Tables is beautiful. Hopefully the campers escaped without too much damage to their trailer. That's what I'd like to think at least.