Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I haven't got a lot of time to blog these days.  The park is in the high season and when we do have days off, we spend a lot of time collecting supplies etc. for the park. 

This blog will be a picture book.  This was my last week.

These are our friends Bianca and Jack come to visit
One stormy night we visited with Jack and Bianca at their site on the water.  We watched an anchored boat toss about in the waves.  We had a nice snack and I got this terrific picture.  At least I like it.

Bundt cake, tea with Amaretto, fire and lake
On our Canada Day, July 1st, I organize a bike parade for the children in the park.  We arrange for the RCMP to come and lead the parade.  Sometimes the RCMP have more important things to do and don't make it.  This year I had a backup plan.  Gord, a fellow who works for us in the park is the local Santa Claus.  Santa and his elf, Hailey, came to lead the parade.  The kids were delighted.  

Here comes Santa Claus
Santa greets the children
Perhaps the most delightful moment occurred when we toured the park with Santa and encountered a family visiting from Germany.  The two little boys spoke no English.  The looks on their faces were delightful.

Santa and German boy.
My followers have all met my Minion, Dave.  Dave was a gift from son David and his wife Stefani.  Dave has many adventures.  These are his latest.

Friend Bianca with granddaughters, twins Nurai and Linia and 5 year old Seraya 
Dave shares dessert with a group of friends
That's all for now folks.  Continue to watch for more adventures at Monck.


Linda Sand said...

Of course you had a plan b in case in case the RCMP didn't show up. You are an excellent planner.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What a wonderful idea to invite Santa. Christmas in July...perfect. Looks like the kids had a grand time.

George Yates said...

Gotta love Christmas in July with wonderful warmer weather.