Monday, June 22, 2015


In some ways the time passes quickly.  It seems when you write things on the calendar, they start out being so far away, it's hard to imagine.  Then, wow, they are here, some are gone.  Nico has graduated.   Graeme has gone to St. Louis to see his girlfriend.  Jason, Michelle, Sophie and some of their friends will be here to camp in just three days.  We are nearly half way through the summer at Monck.

Our days off pass quickly.  We do have days off this year, unlike last.  We spend quite a bit of our time off running errands for the park.  There are always supplies to pick up, banking to be done and weekly trips to the recycling depot.

Park truck loaded with the cardboard bound for the recycle depot

Our staff is all working hard and we get many compliments on how the park is looking.  All summer we are interviewing the campers and having them complete an on-line survey as to how we stack up with the other BC Parks.  We want to be #1.

Doug's usual mode of transportation.  In this load, an old wharf that he had to remove from the lake.  He was in the water in his shoes, up to his knees.

Saturday I put on our first family activity.  As we were experiencing intermittent showers, I wasn't expecting much of a turn out.  Wrong!  I had one of the biggest turn outs ever.

The children and their parents had fun.  A cute story... the little girl in the flowered raincoat came up to me and said "My name is Hannah, and today is my birthday."  Naturally we sang Happy Birthday to her. Her Mom tapped me on the shoulder and said "It's not really her birthday.  She tells everyone that.  Everyday!"

Doug always finds the time to take fabulous bird pictures.  Here are another one for you.

Western Tanager


Jim and Sandie said...

Hard to believe your time there is half over. You really do through a good party for the kids. I love the happy birthday story.

Jan Mains said...

I'm sure you are number one!

Wanderin' said...

I'm sure glad summer isn't really half over. There's so many things left to do. I'm not ready to head south. However, it will still come too soon regardless of whether we call it summer or fall.

Linda Sand said...

What do you mean summer is half over?! How did that happen?!

Glad things are going well for you this year.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

HAHAHA...that little girl is no dummy. She probably thinks one day someone will actually buy her a present.

Sue and Doug said...

It's the first day of summer .. How can it be half over already?..
The fun has only begun😄

Dianne and Steve said...

Busting up that wharf was a big job! Good job Doug and Gord.

George Yates said...

Enjoying this nice weather, but now the days are getting shorter again.
Sounds like you are doing good there.