Wednesday, March 25, 2015

LANGLEY - Visiting and Being Visited

The rain, oh, the rain. We tend to forget how depressing the rain can be when you are away from the “wet coast”. Our friends and family tell us that it was a very dry winter. Mother nature seems to have saved the rain for our return.

Graeme comes to visit most days. We feed him an early dinner before he goes off to work. We visited his new digs. He is quite comfortable and his roommate is quite nice. Graeme’s place is right in the little suburb of Cloverdale where he went to school and we had our restaurant for years. He is within walking distance to fast food and groceries.

On Sunday we visited with daughter Niki and her family in downtown Vancouver. Our other daughter, Loreena, came with our latest grandson, Vincent and Juliet who will be three in May. Juliet thoroughly enjoyed Gramma’s cake and Vincent was oogling it too.

I was thrilled to see that the little (size 5!!) dress that I bought in a thrift store in Nevada for granddaughter Nico fit her. She graduates in May and has several parties to attend.

Jason and his family are going to Disneyland today so we were there for dinner last night. We had to have the tour of his many pinball machines, massive television etc. before dinner. Our granddaughter Sophie is such a charming girl.

Today we have our doctor’s appointments and then we will visit the library to use the internet. I am lost without my phone and internet but we have to wait until we get to Merritt next week.

In the meantime, despite the rain, we are enjoying the place we are parked. Let’s just hope we can get out of the now muddy driveway.

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Sounds like you two are getting your family fix. Lots of memories to make.

Sue and Doug said...

Sound like the two of you have been keeping yourselves out of trouble..hope the doctor visits went well!!

George Yates said...

Nice to spend some quality time with family again.

Wanderin' said...

For the moment, we're just a couple hundred miles south of you. It's been raining here too. It's the typical NW rain. I think it should go away for a couple days but it was also raining in Shreveport when we left too. Phoenix had wonderful blue skies. I'm ready for those blue skies again. Enjoy yourselves!

Linda Sand said...

Nice to have so many kids/grandkids to get your family fixes. We have to count on nieces/nephews and their kids for that. Fortunately we like ours, too.