Monday, February 3, 2014


We had vowed not to move the truck for at least 6 days.  We were going to see no one and go no where.

Nope.  We moved Saturday and we got a call from Carol and Steve asking us to meet them for brunch on Sunday.  We didn't spend much time with them at Quartzsite and much prefer one-on-one anyhow.

So to Mimi's for brunch.

The company was wonderful, so was the food.

 While Doug was waiting for me in the truck at Walmart he was watching the birds.   Notice the one starling amongst all the pigeons.   He felt like such a big wig.

pigeon, pigeon, starling, pigeon, pigeon, pigeon

A closer look.

 When we got back to the rig there was an email from Ed and Lyn letting us know that they too were at Ogilby Road.  I gave them directions to find us.

This morning we decided we were too close to the road so we moved.  We are quite happy with the new spot and yes, we did tell Ed and Lyn where we have moved to.

We are not trying to hide. 


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We enjoy all our friends, but sometimes peace and quiet is a blessing.

Jim and Sandie said...

We always have such good intentions - like not moving the truck for six days - and some friends come along and there is no way to stay home. So worth it. Enjoy your peace and quiet.

Wanderin' said...

Sometimes it's nice to be with a bunch of others and sometimes it's nice to be on your own. I'm not sure we'd ever stay put for six whole days without moving our vehicle though. Enjoy your little "hideout".