Saturday, February 1, 2014

Leaving Pilot Knob

Friday morning Jim and Sandie got ready to leave early.  We got ready so that we could see them off.  They have been excellent neighbours and we enjoy their company.  We have been busy.  They have been busy.  In between, we got together.

Jim, Sandie and "the girls" ready to roll
When they were on their way, we decided to go find someplace else to park without being too far from Yuma.  We have not finished our visiting or our sightseeing.

We checked out all three casino's free overnighting lots and all were totally full.  Obviously Yuma is the natural stopping off point after Quartzsite.  We decided that even though we had visited the Ogilby Road part of the BLM and were not impressed, it would be the place for us for a while.

After we made that decision, we had to groups to visit.  Friends Sheila and Ray, and Judy and Terry, live at the Escapee park, Kofa, for the winter.  They have homes in Langley not far from where we used to live.  It was a short visit and then we were off to find Terry and Edi who have a place for a month out near the Foothills area of Yuma.  Thought the GPS would get us there.  Not!  The area is too new and I have updated the GPS for a while.  We eventually found them, had a nice visit and headed home in the sunset.  A spectacular sunset.

I did Google "Arizona sunset" because I wanted to know why Arizona had the most incredible sunsets.  A lot of gobbly gook but it boils down to the air is dryer.

Check it out.

Today we have moved to our new site.  The wind is blowing so not so nice to take pictures but here we are and we are enjoying the solitude.

The farthest hill you can see in the very middle is where we were.

 Let's see what the sunset looks like from here.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

That last sunset photo is beautiful!

Looks like a wonderful new place to call home.

Jim and Sandie said...

Now that looks like a good place to camp. Just so far out. But definitely better than being packed like sardines somewhere closer. We really enjoyed having you for neighbors also. So any time you want to park next to us you are more than welcome.

Wanderin' said...

You definitely look like you're in the middle of no where but a lot of Arizona desert is just like that. We got the wind too but we won't complains since most of January has been beautiful.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Hey you guys, we are coming your way soon. 4-5 more days and we'll be there.