Friday, December 13, 2013


All my Christmas shopping is done!  Maybe I shouldn't even call it Christmas shopping.  I did not do that.  I made things or I shopped on-line.

The three littlest grandchildren, Wren, Juliet and Sophie, got Burton Bear Cowls.  Like a hoodie with ears.  Covers their heads, necks and shoulders.  Keep them warm in the cold Canadian winter.

The two grandsons in Winnipeg James and William will be receiving a package from Walmart on Monday.  Shop on-line, pay on-line and they deliver it for free.

The two grandchildren in Vancouver have everything, I mean everything and so for them we do a charitable thing.  This year Nico and Jakob are providing a village in Africa with a flock of


So other than buying the wool at the store, we stayed home and let our fingers do the shopping.  Hmmm wasn't that someone's slogan from the 60's.  Ah then it was on the phone.

Of course I have posted this blog knowing that our children rarely read my blog.  Today they will!


Paul Weaver said... guaranteed they will read your blog.. :-)

How thoughtful of the Vancouver grand kids to give a gift of love to that African village.

Linda Sand said...

Love the ears--would be fun to see a picture of the kids wearing those. After Christmas, of course.

Wanderin' said...

The best gifts are always the homemade gifts because it's gifts of love! Good for you.

Jim and Sandie said...

I love those bear hoodies. And you're right - they will read today's blog. Never fails.

Nan Talley said...

Those hoodies probably will be kept for their kids....unless they wear them out! Great ideas for Christmas.

Sue B said...

great that you are all done..wish I was!