Sunday, December 8, 2013


This is our 5th Christmas season in Casa Grande and we have never gone to the Christmas Parade until now.

We were not sure what to expect.  Casa Grande has a population of approximately 50,000.  What could they do?  We know they are pretty big on decorating the downtown streets and they have a huge Christmas tree in front of the city hall.  We read in the local newspaper that there would be 90 floats as well as marching bands.  There were 96 entries!

We met up with friends Cathy and Dale, Terry and Sandra, and Diane.

Sandra, Cathy, Diane and me - No I am not ordering beer!  Note the sunset in the store windows.
 The sun went down and the fun began.  These are just a few of the pictures Doug took.  There were many more but it's hard to film lights in the dark.

The last one you see here was my favourite and I voted for it on the website.

We sang, we cheered and clapped.  There were a lot of goodies being tossed.  Chips, pop, candies, candy canes and coupons.  By the end of the parade our pockets were overflowing.

It was quite chilly and I am quite certain that the participants were not used to having to dress warmly.



Linda Sand said...

I like parades but not after parade traffic. For several years we had a house three houses down from the summer parade route. That was fun. Walk down to the corner, see the parade, walk home. Or we could just sit out on our back deck and watch from there but you miss some of the excitement and all the candy if you do that.

Traveling Along said...

My kids were all in band during their high school years. I marched along with them in many parades carrying the water and all the extra stuff they needed.
Good memories.

Jim and Sandie said...

Where did you get the header picture? We don't go to the parades here because of the crowds. Just can't handle them anymore. Doug did really good o those pictures. My camera sure doesn't take that good a picture at night.

Wanderin' said...

I agree with Sandie ... where did you get that header photo? I like it. Kudos to Doug for his pictures. He did a great job.

Sandra Doody said...

This is our first winter in Casa Grande...and our first Electric Light Parade. We had a great time and look forward to exploring everything Arizona has to offer...

Haddock said...

They are some well illuminated floats.