Friday, December 20, 2013

CASA GRANDE - Regular Doings

As we bloggers say, it is difficult to blog when you are sitting still for long periods of time.  We are busy doing things but they probably aren't blog-worthy.  At that point I look at my blog as my own personal diary of events and post anyway.

Doug has what he calls a "day by day" diary.  He takes a picture from each day and just captions it with what the picture is about and a little summary of what we were doing that day.   He now has 5 years of diary and he shares it with me at breakfast.  "five years ago today we were....."  "four years ago today we were.....".  It's really interesting to look back and see how far we have come.  It's also helpful when we can't remember where we were and what we were doing there.

So here are a few pictures of what we have been doing the last little while.  There are a few times we have forgotten the camera.

Doug toured a cotton farm and got this great picture of a.....cardinal?  I was going to HAVE to go on this tour too until we found out it cost $10 and I was excused.   Whew!

I went to lunch with a group of women from the park.  (some are Red Hats)  We went to this great place in Casa Grande called Creative Cafe.  Believe it or not the woman in the pink sweater is also "Toni".  I don't know many.  My silly friend Shelly wanted to get in the picture too (on the left).

Full moon over rig.

Uh, oh, that's the last of my Tim Horton's hot chocolate.

Walmart shopping.

Out for lunch at friends - Dale and Cathy's.  They used to own a lot here in the park but as they are avid golfers they had the opportunity to buy a condo on a golf course and jumped at the chance.  Good deals here.  L to R - Diane, Sandra, Doug, Terry, Cathy, Dale and Doris

Sunset over Cathy and Dale's golf course.

I put up our very little tree.  There are lots of very sentimental ornaments on the tree including that big one there at the top right.  Doug and I's first Christmas together 1984.

 Our dear friends Jeri and Terry arrived on Wednesday.  They are in the site right next to us.  Once again we are going to look after their dog, Duchess, while they go to Portland to be with family for Christmas.

Last night Jeri, Terry, Doug and I returned to The Creative Cafe for dinner.  The experience was A+ and we will make a point of returning again and again.  Both Jeri and I wrote reviews on Yelp.  Their present rating was 4.5 out of 5.  Hopefully ours will give them the rating they deserve.  Full 5 points!

Last week three groups of our friends were all boondocking around Borrego Springs. Two Americans and nine Canadians.  I contacted them and they all met up.  Eleven people who had never met are now friends.  That feels good.  If we weren't among such good friends here, I would be jealous.

So there, my personal diary of events.


where's weaver said...

What a cool idea Doug has. I may start that as a new tradition in 2014.

You four be good. I know Jeri and Terry...mostly Jeri...can be a wild one...hehe

Wanderin' said...

Blogs are great diaries. I've been kind of lax lately but that's okay too. Like you, I loved Creative Cafe. Now I need to go look and see if we upped their rating.

Jim and Sandie said...

That is a really great round up of your days. I love it.

Judith Bell said...

That bird is a Vermillion Flycatcher! Good pic. :)