Sunday, December 1, 2013

CASA GRANDE - Our Winter Home

The Escapee park in Casa Grande is our favourite place.  We have been coming here for 5 years now.

Before we pulled out, Doug had to donate our last $4.00 cash to the casino
Short drive and we arrived at Casa Grande.  We are on our favourite site, Lot 33.  Lot 33 is owned by a lady who has been an SKP so long her membership number is:

our membership number is in the 100 thousands!

Before we even got set up, we were greeted by half a dozen people.  Hugs all around.  Mmmmm

 We'll be here for at least a month.  Christmas with friends is nearly as good as Christmas with family.



where's weaver said...

Wonderful spot indeed!

Striper said...

Glad your there. I had to start my trek north today.


Jim and Sandie said...

Nice to be settled for a month in a place you like. Enjoy yourselves and don't get into too much trouble.

Wanderin' said...

I recognize that spot! Glad you're happy and back into getting full hookups. Now you have a whole month to enjoy them.

Sue B said...

enjoy all the amenities!