Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Story to Make you Laugh


I am not going to edit this story at all.  This was posted on Facebook by my beloved English cousin, Linda who lives in Ruislip, a northern suburb of London, with husband Barry, sons Daniel and Stephen and daughter Natalie and Daniel’s girlfriend Amie.

Barry Linda and family


I hope that you can translate.  (marigold gloves are just rubber gloves and the cooker is the oven or microwave).  Have fun.



Omg. Merry Christmas everyone. Wanna hear a funny Christmas story. Two weeks ago dishwasher packed up, no problem ordered new one, Friday 21st lorry got stuck in bad weather, hence no dishwasher. Ok can manage by handing out marigold gloves to our our 12 guests. Ok 4 o'clock this morning could not sleep, had gone to bed at 3, fuses had all gone no electricity, not sure why so just turned cooker on, 7.30 this morning 1st turkey still raw, cooker def not working, tried to ring sister who still half asleep did not answer phone as she knew it wld be us prob joking bout cooker, drove round mums in pyjamas put turkey in her oven while she still sleeping, then drove to Keith & sues to pick up bit for oven, still not working, 2nd turkey round lisa''s who is now up, Barry stripping out oven but as yet not successful, so message to sister, dinner may be round hers after all as I have been joking for the las two weeks, think I will hit the vodka bottle now at 9.30 this morning, have a great laugh on us everyone xx

Barry and stoveBarry

Later I will blog about our Christmas but I bet it goes better than theirs.   Ha Ha Ha.  Ho Ho Ho.


Jim and Sandie said...

I think I'd just crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head.

where's weaver said...

Sandie has said it all. What a way to start a day.

Hope you had a super celebration yesterday.

Wanderin' said...

Now I'm wondering how your dinner on the 24th and 25th turned out. Talk to you soon ... I hope.