Thursday, December 20, 2012

OH MY - IT'S COLD What the Heck?

Well what the heck?  It's -2*C here this morning.  Mother Nature - this is Arizona! 

 It's +1*C in Vancouver.  The difference is, in Vancouver the high today will be about +6*C and here it will be +18*C.  In Vancouver yesterday they had fluffy white stuff falling from the sky

 Around here the only fluffy white stuff blowing around is tufts of cotton from the cotton gin up the road.

Graeme took this very good picture of himself yesterday.  He doesn't like snow.  He has to drive in it everyday.


 Whatever the weather - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Linda Sand said...

I stopped and bought two sweatshirts after I left you. I'm not supposed to NEED those!

Sue said...

76 today here in FL, but the cold arrives again tomorrow!

Wanderin' said...

We even had ice on the windows this morning!! What's going on with that?
I like the changes to your blog.

Sue B said...

rainy and wet yet again!...Christmas may be a green one as per usual!!

where's weaver said... the photo of Graeme and his ear pods.

Only 31 here in Ohio. We have snow coming down and trucks taking care of the ice. Be thankful you don't have that issue.

Jim and Sandie said...

It is cold but at least the sun is shining. Wish the wind would quit though. Love the picture of Graeme. I don't blame him for hating the snow - me too.