Wednesday, May 25, 2011


These of just a few shots of what's going on in our life.  Not much really.


That's it Sophie!  You show them!
Yes, what an exciting game we were behind until at 14 seconds we scored forcing overtime.  In the second overtime we scoted and now we are on the the Stanley Cup finals.  First time in 17 years.  I can feel it!

Other than that we are just hanging out at the ranch.  These are the best free accommodations we have ever had.  The satellite dish will be up and running on Friday.  We have electric, water, sewer, cell phone service and our air card works like a charm.

Doug is going to be building a bathroom in the shop for Ross.

Here are a few interesting pictures:

Some kind of spring flower

From the dining room to the living room

Doug waits for the game to begin

Beautiful stone fireplace

Kitchen.  They built their house.  All the wood was from their property.

Parker drives the fire truck.  Ross fights forest fires.

This is what we do with garbage/trash here

Parker is afraid of the barn cat.

Consecutive turns - Hmmmmm!


Sue and Doug said...

interesting scrabble words?..we play 'sambuca scrabble' a word..have a 'shot'!!..can you say a whole lot of fun!!
Go Canucks Go!!

Wanderin' said...

Free is good especially when it's raining. Does Parker need a license to drive that?

Linda said...

Hmm. Is Sophie about to get a sibling? I hope that's what those words mean. :)

where's weaver said...

Was that some sort of sex game you were playing. If so, what is the name of it? We are looking to expand our game boards.

Sue said...

glad you are having fun up there. You are missing all kinds of "interesting" weather down here. and oh, did I mention that I am from BOSTON???!!?!?!

Sue and Doug said...
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