Monday, May 23, 2011


Sunset over Piccadilly Mall - Salmon Arm
Today we left the parking lot in Salmon Arm and drove only about 40 minutes to our friends Ross and Cynthia's ranch.  The location is not really anywhere, but it's passed Silver Creek, BC and not all the way to Falkland, BC.  We stayed here last year too.  This year they have even put in a sewer connection.

Our spot.  Ross and Cynthia don't live here.  This is their shop.  We are mostly alone up here.

Ross does a lot of things.  He does fencing, he runs a gravel pit and numerous other things but mostly he is a cowboy.  He was a bull rider in years past.  Ross, Cynthia and their grown children Amanda and Lee have always participated in rodeos.  Youngest daughter Tiffany does not.  Amanda's beautiful daughters, Hanna and Taylor are now following in Gramma and Grampa's footsteps.
Some of the horses.

The neighbour's little barn     
Last year Parker had a "run in" with these horses.  We really thought he'd had it.  They chased him all over and were about to ambush him when he turned tail and got away.  This year he is giving them a very wide berth.  In fact, he is afraid of anything big with four legs now and won't go near cows or deer.  Probably a good thing.

We are going to hang out here for a while until we are needed back in Merritt.  We are planning on going back to Vancouver but we have to find a cheaper place to put down.

Ah, Parker.  A good shot, eh.

It's very quiet up here on the hilltop.  Crickets and birds and the munch, munch of the horses.

Doug got this great shot of a blue bird.  Not sure what it is but we will ask.  I love the Hay O Vater sign.  So country.


Jim and Sandie said...

Your sunset photo is gorgeous. After all the people around here this week-end I'm looking forward to finding a little more quiet. So enjoy what you have while you can.

Sue and Doug said...

looks like you found a great 'parking space'!!..poor Parker!..chased by those darn scary four legged animals!
enjoy the peace and tranquility!! mentioned returning to Vancouver?..have you found a place to park your rig yet?..Fort Langley..Brae Island Regional Park is one of our favorites..or Eagle Wind in Aldergrove?

Wanderin' said...

I agree with Sandie. What a gorgeous sunset photo!

It's probably very good that Parker has learned to stay away from the big animals. At least he'll be safe this way.

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

WOW...what a nice friend...putting sewer in for you two. Looks like a lovely place. Relax and enjoy.