Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post #1 - February 3rd - BACK TO PARK SIERRA - Like a Homecoming

View from across the street at Site 535
Today we drove north from Bakersfield about 200 miles to SKP park, Park Sierra.  Park Sierra is north of Fresno and south of Yosemite.  We are here about 3 weeks earlier than last year but, what with the weather in the rest of the country, including Arizona, we are happy to find 60* and sunshine.  It's very spring-like.   It will be about 34* overnight but that's okay.

This is our third time in this park.  We did not request a site but,  lo and behold, we end up with our dear friends Bruce and Jenna's site.  Their site is the furthest into the park and it's lovely.  The view from our window is great and it's so quiet.  Park Sierra is a very big park so you can't really walk to the Clubhouse from any site so we are happy to be way down here.

Site 535 - Park Sierra

This park has everything.  All the comforts of home; cablevision with 61 channels; in house Wi Fi; electricity, water and sewers; and the best laundry ever.  There is a huge casino about a mile up the road with a great buffet.  There are loads of activities in the park.  We are going to being staying until the 13th in order to go to the Valentine Dinner and Dance.

Most of the people we know here are away.  They are all in Southern Arizona to find the sunshine.  Ah ha!  It's cold there.


Wanderin' said...

It's not bad in Palm Springs area either. We had a little "nip" in the air but weather here is actually beautiful. We'll be around for another 2 or 3 weeks too.

Jim and Sandie said...

Yes it's cold down here. I haven't been out of the house to do anything because it's so cold.

Sue said...

glad YOU are warm. we are still cold. 14* last night, although today was warm enough to go hiking. we met BRUCE! I sent him a note and he came over for a couple of hours the other day. we probably would have seen them more but we were leaving Tucson the next morning. Tomorrow its on to El Paso for a few days.