Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NORTH FROM YUMA - Cattail Cove State Park

As we began our slow trip north, our first stop was between Parker and Lake Havasu City, Arizona at Cattail Cove State Park.

There's our truck just to the right of the second tree from the right.

This was a great park.  Just water and electric but probably the quietest park we have ever slept in.  Lots and lots of British Columbians and for some strange reason, big dogs.  All big dogs.

Lake Havasu City is where in 1969 John McCulloch decided to ship London Bridge.  It weighed 22,000,000 lbs and came by ship to Los Angeles and then trucked to Lake Havasu City.  There wasn't any water under it to begin with.  The waterway was man made to the peninsula.  They have built a little English Village beneath the bridge.  
London Bridge

The fountain and village

Doug had some fantastic walks with Parker at Cattail Cove State Park.

No Parker, don't do it!

The park from a distance

Interesting rock formations


Jim and Sandie said...

Looks like a great park. I visited the London Bridge when it was being put together out here in the desert. Everybody thought the guy was nuts.

palamine said...

Sandie, that's so cool. Yeah, they probably thought he was nuts but they were certainly WRONG.

Wanderin' said...

We visited the London Bridge in 1972. I didn't remember water under it then but we bought souvenirs that were pieces of the bridge to take back home with us. It certainly has changed since the first time we were there.

Linda said...

London Bridge was moved in 1969? Wasn't it falling down long before that? Or did our childhood game have nothing to do with reality? :)