Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post #2 - ORANGE GROVE RV PARK - Bakerfield, California

In our experience Bakersfield tends to be just a stop over for most RV'ers.  Last time we were here we stayed in the Walmart parking lot.  It was awful.  Noisy and it seemed quite unsafe. 

This year we weren't going to do that.  To the east of Bakersfield we found Orange Grove RV park, which is, as it says, in an orange grove.  Pick all the oranges you want.  The park had lots of amenities but it also had a lot of permanent residents.  That's okay if the rules apply to permanent residents.  We had a very nice young guy across the road from us who started his work vehicle, a huge diesel, at 5:15 am.  Yikes.

Pretty park though and as you can see, quite empty.

Orange Grove R V park, Bakersfield, California

Just down the road from the RV park is California Fruit and Nut Depot.  Wow.  Yummy, yummy stuff there.  We bought a gift pack of oranges, pistachios, dates, licorice and candy.  We hope the Canada Customs guys go easy on us.   We really want to share with family and friends.  Fresh from the tree oranges are delicious.

Orange Grove RV Park


Wanderin' said...

Going to have to remember that place especially if we're through there in February when we can stock up on oranges .... and, licorice too!

Linda said...

Need to put that vendor on my list. We stayed at Bear Mountain south of town when we were there last year. They had a good price.