Friday, January 28, 2011


We had planned to work our way north over the next two months and arrive back in Vancouver about the first of April.  We have decided to cut that trip shorter.  We will still visit the places we had intended to but just for a shorter time.

Let's just say we are needed. A family member has come so far and we want to help him out however we can.  We are always parents and in our hearts we know this is what we have to do. 

This blog is to thank our Escapee friends who have touched our lives.  We will see you again.  And again. 

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Sue and Paul

Lee, Sandie and Jim

Jeri and Terry

Kay and Dan

Janice and Jerry

Gary and Katy
Thank you for being our friends;  Sandie and Jim, Jeri and Terry, Janice and Jerry, Freddy and Delcie, Jenna and Bruce, Linda and Ed, Linda and Dave, Sue and Paul, Kay and Dan, Carol and Steve, Lee, Joe, Eric and Karla, Yvon, Katy and Gary, Grant and Lois, Bonnie and Ken, Lorrie, Nora and Dennis, Lori and Mike, Carole and Gerald, Mert and Jan.  If I have forgotten anyone, I'm sorry. 


Traveling Along said...

Sorry to hear that you need to go North. We all know the feeling of having to be where we are needed. Thank goodness we have wheels and can be so mobile.
Kepp us posted. Prayers go with you!

Jim and Sandie said...

We'll miss you until you return. Family must always come first. Be safe.

Wanderin' said...

Have a very safe trip. Check the weather before you go over those mountains!! Keep us posted!

Linda said...

Sorry to see you need to go before it gets warm but needs are needs. Take care of yourselves as well as your loved ones.