Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 Last April when we returned to the haunts of our old life we got lots of questions asked about our new life on the road. The above was one of them.

  It made me pause-- The time passes, we get to our destination, we had fun,  I am tired and ready to stop but have not been bored, so what have we done for all those hours?

No, he is not electric Doug - the cord is the GPS charger

 Well, I drive and that takes a lot of attention on unfamiliar roads, Toni helps me drive too, and while 90% of the time her advice, gulps and occasionally screeches are not needed there is that 10% of the time when they really are important and sometimes even appreciated.

 Toni is also the chief navigator and that takes time and discussion. We plan our route and destination before starting out, but the best laid plans of Rvers sometimes go awry. So if we find ourselves on unexpected roads or paths or drainage ditches, we have to assess our options ( turning  around or backing usually does the trick, although this can be difficult).

 Often the wrong road can be fun and interesting, especially for me as I always like the unbeaten path.
  Mostly though, our plans work and once out of a large city or town the driving and navigating is easy and we have time for other things.

 Sometimes we sing - yes we sing along to our iTune downloads on the CD.  Oldies, road songs, fun songs and of course -- OUR SONG ( not telling). Don't worry friends WE know we have more enthusiasm than talent and won't be abusing your ears anytime soon.

  Next, obviously, we sight see , our large windshield gives us a big, big view of the world rolling by and everything I see out there is interesting -- even the driest unchanging desert has something of interest for me.

  Surprisingly, Parker also sight sees from his backseat window. I often see him in my mirror staring out - I wonder what he thinks ( hummm, buuzzz, snap, oh! COW! chase, -- yes want treat, there is the Nice Lady
I will wag my tail REALLY REALLY fast and she will give me one.)

He also makes his presence known in other ways, which results in groans and gasps from the human occupants, who frantic for the cleansing rush of fresh air bang their fingers desperately on the window buttons all the while shouting PARKER!, OH PARKER!  How could you? AHHH!. The rest of the time he sleeps, the sleep of the innocent or the very dumb.

 Then there is the time that Toni spends increasing her knowledge of all things technical--phone, camera, computer. That passenger seat is also a seat of great learning.

  Most of all though, we talk-- about where we've been or where we're going, or why the damn phone won't do what it's supposed to, or where and what for lunch. We discuss what we are seeing out the window or what was on TV last night ( if we had any TV), or the last DVD we watched. We talk about family and friends and even strangers ( LOOK AT THE WAY THAT IDIOT DRIVES!!!).   Finally we talk about our destination and whats for dinner when we get  there-- WAIT a minute THAT was the road!!--DAMN!!

And that is what we do all day in the cab of our truck.


Wanderin' said...

Hmm.. I used to have a lot of road songs on one CD, oldies on several disks and others we liked. Wonder where they went?

Sounded familiar .... but it's the adventure we seek!

Linda said...

And think! We spend a lot of time thinking! About everything. It's the only quiet time we get. :)

Jim and Sandie said...

Sounds a lot like our RV except we also have a lot of silence like Linda. It's also amazing how many pictures I take as we're toolin' down the road.

Sue and Doug said...

that sounds so much like us!!..funny how we all travel the same!!