Friday, January 7, 2011


Most of you know us well enough to know that we rarely do anything apart.  Well, we are in Tucson visiting with our SKP friends Jenna and Bruce.  Jenna and I met in the laundry at Park Sierra in October of 2009 and hit it off.  We are definitely Birds of a Feather.

Our men like to do some things that don't interest us.  In Casa Grande we went on a Paving Stones Factory tour.  Dull! but Doug doesn't like to shop (I don't like it often but enough).  So Thursday, the guys and the girls went their separate ways.
Doug, Bruce and Jenna - dinner at their house                                                                                                                             

Doug has always wanted to do the Kitt Peak Observatory.  Bruce had a coupon.  Doug, Bruce and another guy from the park went off at 2:30 in the afternoon for the evening session.   They loved it.  Total cost $44.00 with the coupon and they got a boxed lunch - turkey sandwich, chips, apple, cookies, granola bar and a water.

Kitt Peak from the distance

One of the 26 telescopes on the peak

It was cold and there was snow on the ground.  There are only 20 people in the group, mostly guys, and they got to tour inside one of the working telescopes; we got to see Jupiter, the moon, Andromeda galaxy and the Great Orion Nebula.  They could see 55 miles distance from the top of the mountain before the sun set.

This is the sunset from the top.  Spectacular

At the end of the tour, the guide leads you down the mountain and for the first mile you are not allowed to use your headlights.  He warned them that often cows climb all the way up the mountain because they can smell the water reservoir.  So on the way down in the dark, you have to be very careful you don't hit any cows.



So what did the girls do.  Well we had fun!  First we went shopping.  Jenna doesn't shop at Walmart very often so it was an interesting experience for her.  Lots of bargains to be had.  Then we went to the mall and to the Lane Bryant store.  Jenna is quite a bit smaller than me but can still fit the smaller sizes at my favourite plus size store.  Again, amazing bargains.  Most everything was 60% off.  This is my haul.  Yeah, I did buy some things for Doug too!

Sorry, Doug had the real camera, these are from my phone.     

Total cost for a jacket, a tank top, jeans, two bras and a shirt - $57.00.

After shopping we went to Red Lobster for dinner.  Interestingly enough, Jenna and I both love Red Lobster.  The husbands are not crazy about it.  There is a special on for the next few months.  Dinner for two $29.99.  Each gets a choice of two salads, a choice of six entrees, and either an appetizer or a dessert to share.  It was amazing.  And under $20.00 each including the tip.  Who? got the better deal, the guys or the girls.

We had so much fun that Jenna thinks we have started a tradition and will make sure we do this every time we get together.  I'm all for that.


Wanderin' said...

Paving stones tour ... dull!! Don't know a thing about that observatory though and will have to look it up.

Doesn't it make you feel good to find a bargain!! Not much of a Wal-Mart shopper or a Lane Bryant person but I certainly like bargains! We haven't had a chance yet to look for them in Yuma. We're always so busy!

It's nice to find a BOF who likes to do the same things as you!

See you tomorrow.

Jim and Sandie said...

Sounds like you had a great time. And you definitely need to do it again. Sometimes these wonderful guys of ours can just get in the way of a good day of bargain hunting.

Linda said...

Lane Bryant, huh? Guess I'll have to check them out. I hate clothes shopping but I'd like to buy some jeans before we hit those cold desert nights. My cotton slacks aren't going to do it alone and I'm not sure I can still get into my long johns.