Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TUCSON - Friends, Food and Fun

We have moved on, east actually, for a few days of visiting with our friends Bruce and Jenna in Tucson.
We arrived at Justin's Diamond J RV park in Tucson.  We were in this park last year at this time.

That's our rig on the far left.  Mini-golf in the middle of the park

Bruce gathered together some of his new friends from the park and we went to Tiny's for ribs.  We did this last year too and the ribs are amazing.

Bruce and Jenna at the far end on right.

The ribs, I could not finish them.

On of the reasons Doug loves this park is that it backs Saguaro National Park and he can walk the dog in the desert.  There are hundreds of cacti and lots of interesting photos to be had.  This morning there were coyotes too.  Not good.

How does this little bird sit on the cactus

Barrel cactus


Jim and Sandie said...

Coyotes and dogs are not a good combination. Be sure to be careful out there.

palamine said...

What Doug "neglected" to tell me was they also saw a pack of javelinas!!