Tuesday, January 25, 2011

STILL IN YUMA but what a difference - All the comforts

On Sunday morning we left the BLM lands outside Yuma and moved into the Escapee park.  We had been to Kofa Koop last year but just for a couple of days.  At that time, we weren't impressed.  It didn't seem very friendly.  Well it sure is now.  We were happy to get a site and we are staying until Saturday morning.
Site 67 on the end

The site is beautiful and on the end of the street.  Palm trees and a great cactus garden.  A nice little patio around the back with a clay fire.  We are going to have some people over for drinks on Friday and burn the fire logs we bought for the fire at the BLM.

Tonight we went back to Da Boyz Pizza in the old town of Yuma.  We took two couples from Kofa that we have met up with several times.  Sheila and Ray are from Langley, as we are, and full-timed for 20 years.  They are now snowbirds and have a condominium in Langley.  Dave and Lynn are from Vancouver Island and we have spent time with them in Casa Grande and then when they were park hosting in Nakusp, B. C.  We also met Kay and Dan from Nebraska there.  We met them at the BLM reunion but they did not park in the desert with us so we didn't get to spend much time with them.
Sheila, Lynn and Dave.  Do you think we have enough food?
Like last week, the food was great and so was the service.  Last week we got dessert on the house and this week because the cook made one too many pizzas, we got to take it home for free.  We had some coupons so the price was definitely right.


where's weaver said...

Oh my goodness, I have never seen so many BIG pizzas on one table. Looks yummmmmmmmy.
Your new place looks wonderful. Enjoy.

Linda said...

Enjoy your leftover pizza! We sure did after our group went. I'm glad you are still finding people to party with.