Sunday, January 23, 2011

HAPPY TRAILS FRIENDS - May Our Paths Cross Again and Often

Sunday morning, most of us packed up and set off in different directions.

Doug saying So Long to Jim and Sandie

Jim and Sandie were going to Quartzite and then back to Apache Junction for the rest of the season.  Ed and Linda were going to Emerald Cove near Parker.  Jeri and Terry were going to be staying in Yuma a couple more days as were Janice and Jerry.

We are so pleased with ourselves.  Other than filling our water "bladder" once, we made it 2 weeks without needing to dump the tanks.  Amazing.  The longest we went before this was - 10 days.  This is a huge accomplishment.  We are get water conservationists!

We headed off to the Escapees Park in Yuma expecting to have to stay in boondocking.  We have to stay until at least Thursday morning so that we can go back to the dentist in Algodonese.  Lucky Us!   We got a beautiful site on an end until Thursday and will be able to stay until Saturday if we want.

After getting set up and meeting up with our friends Dave and Lynn from Comox/Cowichan we went to the clubhouse for Bean Soup followed by the ice cream social.  We also met up with Sheila and Ray and some new friends from Rovers' Roost, Peg and Bob.   We are all going to get together and go out for pizza.

Uploads taking too long.  More photos another time.


Wanderin' said...

Wish we had electricity ... but we don't. However, we didn't have any wind ripping through last night. See you sometime.

pweaver said...

Nice "see ya later" picture!!!

Be safe....Paul (and Marsha)