Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Last year when we were here, we were too chicken to go across to Mexico.  Well maybe not chicken but we didn't see the need.  We don't drink much so we don't need liquor, we only have one prescription, so we don't need medication and I really don't care much for Mexican things; purses, pottery etc.

This year I have an abscess tooth and a trip to a dentist would be in order.  So off we go with our friend Carol.  Well it wasn't anything like we expected.  It was much like Disneyland but with dentists, liquor and Mexican stuff.  There are "hawkers" all over.  They try to lead you (astray)to their merchandise.  One actually grabbed my wrist.  I didn't like that much.

Typical street in Algodonese
Typical car in Algodonese

The most predominant business is dentistry with all aspects of dentistry covered; general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, periodontists, implants.  Even the dentist offices have hawkers.  We had a referral so we searched her out.  We found her place of business but it seemed to be closed.  The young man in the next building called her on the phone and then walked us through the busy streets to her "winter" office which is closer to the border.  I had an x-ray done and she said I needed to go to the root canal specialist.  Another young lady came to fetch us and off we go again. 

Dra Monica's office
Dra Monica

Female doctors are Dra and male doctors are Dr. and they go by their first names.

Well Dra Monica said I did not need a root canal so the same young lady walked us back to the first dentist, Dra Janira.  Dra Janira had Dra Emma, a periodontist come in for the exam.  Turns out I needed some gum surgery and then I will go back next week for a crown, a filling and a "deep" cleaning.  Cost of all this......
$450.00 US.  Amazing.  And they are so good.  I have 10 stitches in my mouth and I was in the chair for 2 hours and I have no pain!  None!  I was prescribed pain meds and Amoxicilin.  Cost for that $35.00.  Amazing.  No wonder there are so many Americans that use Algodonese for their regular dentistry, once or twice a year.

I will post pictures of Dra Janira and Dra Emma, total sweethearts, next week.

Paper flowers
A few more pictures of Algodones to show that it really is quite pretty.  For the most part the people are cheerful and seem happy.  Except the beggars and there are so many of them.  Sad!

A pretty alleyway

Painted bottles
The main food court


Wanderin' said...

Algodones is certainly fun and a lot different than the rest of the border towns.

Linda said...

While we aren't really interested in going to Mexico we no longer have dental insurance so we may be going to Algodones the next time we need something major done. It helped to have several of you go this year with good results. Thanks for being our ginea pigs. :)

mountainborn said...

Nice pix ! Thanks for the report.

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We went to the dentist there last year! We have a great experience. We have an appointment in Progresso for Tuesday. We hear it is going to be a nice experience. We will post pictures of Progresso in a near blog. Glad you are felling much better!