Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boondocking - What Fun! What Friends! What Food?

Over the last week we have been set up in the desert to the east of Yuma.  We are actually in California but we are so close to the border, this area works on Arizona time.
In the beginning there were just the two of us.

As the days passed, we grew.  Today there are twelve rigs here and one left this morning.

Here's Parker showing us the crowd of rigs in the desert

So we all gather from time to time.  Sometimes it's impromptu and other times it's planned.  We tried to go out to dinner as a group last night but for a few different reasons, we went several places to eat.  This morning, a group of the guys were standing around chewing the fat and the group grew and grew until everyone was present.

Paul, Doug, Terry, Jim, Lee and and Jerry

Sandie, Jim, Nancy, Dave, Linda, Carol, Doug, Terry, Jerry

We are having fun.  We have pot lucks, games, eating out and side trips planned.  (stay tuned)

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mountainborn said...

Lookin' Good you guys ! Yepper, impromptu is cool.