Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Casa Grande - November 23

We arrived at Rovers' Roost in Casa Grande yesterday.  We were made to feel so welcome.  Some of the people we made friends with last year either haven't returned yet or aren't coming this winter.  It was wonderful to get reacquainted with those that were.  The atmosphere here is wonderful.  The park itself is pretty ordinary, it's the people that make it our favourite of all the Escapees Co-Op parks.

We had forgotten the beautiful sunsets here at this time of year.  You have to be quick with the camera, they last only a few minutes.  I dashed out and took these.

This is our site - Site 33 in the middle row.  There is plenty of room here.  There are two sites directly across the street from us and five more in the same row.

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Linda said...

I wish I could just snap my fingers and be there with you. Unfortunately, it's a long drive from Alabama to Arizona and we're just not ready to do it yet.