Monday, November 22, 2010

Deming, Lunch with Friends and on to Casa Grande

After two days in Deming, New Mexico at the Escapee Park there, we left this morning.

This park is a small, bare bones park.  A good stop over but why anyone would want to own a lot there is beyond us.  The wind is incredible and there is noise from the Interstate and a train track.

We met up with our SKP friends Jeri and Terry and Jim and Sandie at a truck stop in Tucson.  It was wonderful to see them all.  Great conversation and okay food.  Unfortunately, the one picture I had was awful so I am not posting it.

I had asked Jeri to see if our camera would do the neat things her camera would do and apparently not.  However, the next pictures I snapped took on this neat appearance.  No problem Jeri, we will figure out how to put it back, just not now....way too tired.


After lunch we pushed on to Escapee Park - Rovers' Roost, in Casa Grande, Arizona.  We spent a lot of time last winter here and we are going to spend at least 7 weeks here now.  We were welcomed with open arms and it was so good to see the friends we left behind 10 months ago.  10 months and 10,100 miles.

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Linda said...

Isn't it nice to get somewhere you can just BE for awhile? We are at Rainbow Plantation and signed up for their pay for 15 get 20 nights so it looks like we won't be joining you for Christmas. Have a good time. We'll try for the January gathering.