Friday, November 26, 2010

SETTLING IN - Rovers' Roost - SKP Park - Casa Grande

We have been here in Casa Grande for four days now.  On the way here, Doug and I wondered whether we would enjoy the park as much as we did last winter.  Well, we are.  This place is like home and if we should decide to buy a lot in a SKP park this will be it.  The atmosphere here is family.  We have fun and lots of it.

This is dusk at the park.  Each site has a little building.  The lot owner stores their stuff in there and it is locked but it is handy and makes for a nice place to sit outside.

Doug also loves the park because Doug loves the desert.  Every morning he takes the dog for long walks in the desert.  Although many may find the desert a bleak place if you look closely you will find beauty.

This is a jumping cholla (pronounced choi-ya) in bloom.  Be careful they stick to you and are horrible to have to remove, just ask Parker.

Who lives here?  Probably some bug.  Very creative though.

At the end of the day, the desert treats us to an amazing sunset.


Jim and Sandie said...

I love desert sunsets. Don't ever see the sunrises anymore but the sunsets more than make up for it.

Linda said...

I'm with Sandie-- I'm never up in time to see a sunrise. Maybe we should get Jeri to photograph some for those of us who never see them? But I love sunsets and, as you said, the ones in the Arizona desert are glorious!