Friday, October 22, 2010

SKIDAWAY STATE PARK - Interpretive Centre

This afternoon we visited the interpretive center at Skidaway Island State Park.  The naturalist on duty was very informative.  I don't think he'd had many visitors so he was very attentive.

This is a replica of a giant sloth.  His bones were found on Skidaway Island in 1822.

We were quite fascinated by this very pretty plant.  Apparently it is called Beauty Berries.
Suitable name.

There are several bird feeders at the center attracting many birds.  We were lucky enough to see several pretty ones.

This is a  male cardinal.

The star of the interpretive center is this little fellow.  He is an orphaned alligator.  Neptune is about a year old.  He will lose his "baby" stripes and grow over six feet in the next five or six years.  I touched him!   He feels like wood.  The naturalist showed us how much personality he has and how intelligent he is.  I like them this size.

But definitely not this size!!

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