Saturday, October 30, 2010

OUR FORMER LIFE - Part Two - Family and Work

That was so much fun that I wanted to do it again.  I do have trouble with uploading pictures so I will see how much I can do before I pull out my hair.


We are a blended family.  When I met Doug nearly 26 years ago, I had one son.  He had three and a half daughters.  The half a daughter was from another relationship and he had her weekends twice a month.  A year into our relationship, we had another son.  Believe me, over the years, he was the glue that kept us a family.  Raising three and a half teenage girls was no picnic.

This picture has most of us in it.  From left to right:  Nico, granddaughter, 12; Jakob, grandson, 8; Nicole, daughter; Mike, Nicole's husband; Me; Graeme, son; Doug; Michelle, Jason's wife; Jason, son; Ashleigh, daughter, 15; and front and center, Sophie, granddaughter, then age 2.  This picture was taken at the last family gathering the weekend before our "leaving".
Missing from that picture are:   Gayle, daughter - lives in Montreal with her boyfriend Vahan,

Daughter Charlette, married to Glen with sons James now 9 and William, now 6.  They live in Winnipeg.

Loreena, daughter and her husband Chris.

Doug's brother David, his mother, Doug and his brother Bill
I would be remiss if I did not include a few other family members.  Lets see how I do with uploading these pictures.
Doug's brother David and David's wife Elizabeth


Wanderin' said...

Very nice, Toni. There is a whole other part to us that isn't RVing. It's like we have two lives. To know the person folks need to know the whole person. Thanks for sharing.

Jim and Sandie said...

Love seeing the family pictures. Like Jeri said, it helps us know the whole "Toni and Doug".

Lee and Loralie said...

Thanks for sharing your family with us. I love knowing all about people and their families. It also helps to make us all feel like one super big family.

palamine said...

I titled it Family and Work and forgot about "work". Must be a sign. I will work on "work" today.