Sunday, October 31, 2010

FALL'O'WEEN at Skidaway State Park - October 30, 2010

At Skidaway State Park they are big on Halloween.  They call it Fall'o'ween and have a two day thing.  They set up a haunted walk, have crafts for the kids and then the kids trick or treat in the park.  The Park Rangers come around and ask if you would be willing to give out candy. 

Saturday night there were about 200 trick or treaters.  We really enjoyed ourselves as we haven't had trick or treaters for over 10 years.  Our stix and brix was on a very busy and so no one ever came.

We noticed that the trick or treaters parents looked as us like we were aliens from another planet and I guess we are.


Wanderin' said...

How fun! In the park we are at they put little pumpkins on your rig if you want trick or treaters to stop by. Normally we would. However, since Terry's supposed to come in this evening I'm not sure if anyone will be here to pass out the treats.

Jim and Sandie said...

I have my pumpkin earrings on but that's about all the Halloween we're going to see around here. Cute pictures.

Linda said...

This park didn't do Halloween. Yay! No leftover Halloween candy to tempt me. Of course, we have our regular candy. :)