Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trying to Catch Up - Merritt day 10 - two days until departure

Ah, how to catch up.

Mothers' Day we packed three adults and two dogs into the Rendezvous and drove to Armstrong to the family farm.  Doug's brother Bill brought his Mom over from Salmon Arm and our nephew brought her best friend over for lunch.  Our nephew, Andrew bought the family farm from Doug's Mom (Kay) about three years ago.  Family gathers there for a lot of occasions.  After a lively lunch, we packed up again and traveled to Kamloops to have Mothers' Day dinner with Andrew's brother Jeff, his wife Aleece and theirs MacLean and Calum.  It was Indian food which Doug and I are not fans of.  The food was not too spicy and was good but I was shocked at the price.  $19.99 each for the buffet.  And I didn't eat much.  Sheesh!

This is a picture of our sister-in-law Elizabeth with her grandsons (our grand nephews) Maclean and Calum.

This is a picture of nephew Jeff and his wife Aleece.

So it was quite a tiring day.  Merritt to Armstrong to Kamloops.  Left at 8:30 am and returned at 8:30 pm.

Today we are just running around getting all the "departure" things done.  First and foremost is to get rid of the damn mice who have decided they like our rig.  We caught 11 yesterday in two live traps.  Not that they live long after Doug releases them.  Parker has other ideas.

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