Thursday, May 13, 2010

North to Alaska? Well maybe.

We left Merritt this morning and took the road less traveled but far more spectacular.  This is Hwy 8 (I know all my American friends like to call them by number) from Merritt to Spences Bridge and from Spences Bridge to Cache Creek.

We had intended to stay the night at Lac La Hache Provincial Park but the park doesn't open until May 15th.  Of course, after seeing dozens of RV parks before Lac La Hache, we found no more for ages.  We are at Wildwood RV park in Wildwood just north of William's Lake, BC.  Cute and clean park and only $25.00 for everything.  We got a pull through, our first, so we didn't even unhook. 

Anyhow, must "fix" some dinner for us.  We are leaving early and heading to somewhere around Burn's Lake.

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Wanderin' said...

Alaska? You need to turn that buggy around.