Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a short update - no pictures

This is just a short blog to let y’all know that we are fine.  Well fine is relative.

It has snowed every day since we got here.  Not sticking on the ground kind of snow, but snow all the same.  And of course, with the snow is the cold. 

Doug has been working with his brother David.  It was supposed to be a couple of hours but turned out to be a few days.  Even though Doug as told David several times that he doesn’t want to work, David thinks he is joking.  Oh well, today was just a half a day.

While I am alone, I have done every type of housework you can think of and baked a lot.  We go to town every second day to use the internet at either Elizabeth’s office or Starbucks. 

Of course, our trips to town include going to the bar!  No sillies, we have not taken up drinking, we are going to watch HOCKEY.  The Vancouver Canucks have advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the Chicago Blackhawks.  So far, one game each, but whether of not we are biased, the Canucks are outplaying the Blackhawks by a mile.  Time will tell.

So for now, see ya.


Jim and Sandie said...

Our son sent us a picture this morning of the snow in Billings, MT. I looked at Jim and asked him why we were heading north. He couldn't come up with a good reason either. But we don't have any snow except in the tops of the mountains so we keep going.

palamine said...

Our snow didn't stay and today it is chilly but so sunny.