Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Birthday (s)

Yes, I haven't posted for a few days.  I had reason.  It was my birthday on the 17th and I have been, wined, dined and generally spoiled the whole weekend.  The weather was beautiful, truly spring is here.

Saturday night we went out with out for dinner with friends at our favourite Greek restaurant, Galini's Kozina in Surrey.  The food is always amazing and even though the restaurant is always hopping, the service is incredible.

Our friends John and Nancy, and former neighbours and always friends, Val and Rob joined us.

Val's aunt and uncle also joined as.  As a strange coincident, they are parked in park we are.  They are full-timers too from Alberta.  They don't know anything about Escapees so we hope to get together before they leave to tell them all about it.

Sunday our daughter Nicole, husband Mike and kids Nico and Jakob hosted the family birthday.  Son Jason, his wife Michelle and their daughters Ashleigh and Sophie came.  We brought Graeme, so that made eleven.  Nicole and her family are vegetarian and we had a terrific meal.

Michelle and the girls and Nicole and Nico made birthday cakes.  Don't worry, we didn't eat them all but we were tactful and had some of both.

Nico, who is thirteen took her little cousin, Sophie, who was three last weekend out in the garden to blow bubbles.  Aren't they beautiful.


After 7 months on the road, I have finally mastered making bread in my electric roasting pan.  You see the oven in our fiver is only about six inches deep and I cannot make bread in it.  It also seems that in the states, there is not the same amount of gluten in the flour as there is in Canada and even though I tried adding gluten to the American flour, I did not have much success.  Today, I won.  Here is my perfect bread.

 Doug's gifts to me for my birthday.  Chocolate, unmentionables, and just in case (never) I might forget the fun we had in the desert or our wonderful desert friends, a little cactus for our table. 


Wanderin' said...

Happy birthday to you. And, yes, you do deserved to be spoiled!

Vicki and Porter said...

Happy Birthday!

Jim and Sandie said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday. Did you have fun modeling the "unmentionables"?