Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day of Rest

It was a beautiful day here.  Temperature was climbing up.  We almost had to turn on the air conditioner.

We promised ourselves that this would be a day of rest.  So we went grocery shopping before breakfast and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  For Doug that meant reading and watching tv all day.
For me the best I managed was baking bread pudding and making potato salad.

We have been watching Season 3 of The Wire. It is very difficult to understand the jive talk and it is super violent and graphic but very, very intense.

Our day of rest comes before our incredibly busy weekend coming starting on Wednesday.  We are going to Jason's to watch hockey on Wednesday, lunch out on Thursday, lunch at my parents on Friday.  Dinner at friends on Friday and Saturday.  And dinner with friends here on Sunday.

Man, oh man, that's a lot of food.


Jim and Sandie said...

Definitely not my idea of relaxing - making bread pudding and potato salad. I'd be with Doug - reading and watching TV.

Linda said...

I'm with Doug and Sandie except I'd be doing computer stuff instead of TV. It's just a different screen, folks.

Jerry and Janice Hyder said...

Oops! Haven't read your post in a few days! Happy belated B.Day!!!! How Old...or are you like Delsey and your not going to tell!!Ha-Ha That cactus reminds me of Doug's apron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hmmmmm!

palamine said...

No, I'm proud to say two things. I'm 59 and no, the cactus is too small.