Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Great Dinner with Friends

While I prepared a dinner for our friends Sreedevi and Anil, Doug went to Walmart.  I was going to keep Parker here with me but he wanted to go.  While Doug was shopping in Walmart the P. A. announced "Would the driver of the white F350 return to your vehicle, your dog needs attention".  Doug left his shopping cart and dashed to the truck to find a note on his door.  The note said "Your dog, needs fresh air and water.  Think about it!"  Doug was furious.  The windows were all open a bit and the water dish and water jug were completely visible.  Doug was furious.  I would have been too.

This evening we had our good friends Svreedevi and Anil Mukhi for dinner.  We had a great evening.  I worked with Sreedevi at the bank.  She had a lot to fill me in on.  I am so glad to be out of there.

We are going to their house for Indian food on the 24th.  She promises to make it mild. 

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Wanderin' said...

And, knowing Doug, I bet he wasn't in the store only a few minutes unless he was looking at hats.