Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fort Langley - A Day at Home

We have met quite a few social obligations in the past few days so decided that today should be a day off.  Go nowhere, see no one.  The first part we managed but not the second.

We were invited to sit around the fire at our friends Lee and Denise's down the road.  They had two other couples with them and were quite interested in our full-time adventures.  Lee and Denise are a little older than us but Lee is still working.  I think he's ready but Denise says she would miss her grandchildren too much.

Later a girlfriend I used to work with visited us with her baby.  Chandra has been married five years and the last time was at their wedding.  Son Griffin is seven months.

We walked around the park and took these pictures to share with you.  As you can see the sun did come out.  The campground is on an island surrounded by the Fraser River.  The houses on the riverside are very, very expensive.

After dinner we felt we had to go back to the fire to socialize.  These folks are weekend campers and that's what they do.  We would rather sit in and watch tv or play videos games but hell....they'll all be gone on Tuesday. OKAY  Doug just said, we're staying in.  Whoppie.

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Linda said...

I can relate. I can only go to so many fires before I feel a need to stay in. I like fires and the conversations around them but I like staying in, too.