Friday, April 2, 2010


The thing about missing a day of posting is that sometimes you have so much to catch up with.  If this all seems rather "random", I'm sorry, we have been busy.

We crossed from Whidbey Island to the Washington mainland and found Camping World.  We were so excited to finally find the water "bladder" that we want for boondocking, we forgot to get the map for the trailer.  We found the divided plates that everyone has for pot lucks and a great new chair for me.

We were at the border before we knew it.  We had rehearsed what we were going to tell the border guard and I guess we answered all the questions correctly because it was a breeze.

We got settled in our spot at Brae Island Campground in Fort Langley.  It's a great park and of course being a long weekend here in Canada, the park is packed.  We find it so funny that all these big rigs come camping here from the city.  Like they live 15 minutes from here and they go to all the trouble of setting up for a weekend.  Much to our surprise though, we have two groups of friends camping just steps from us.

Youngest son, Graeme, was anxious to see us but had some difficulty finding us.  And this park is gated so you can't drive in.  We finally got together and went out for the best hamburgers in town at The White Spot.  Sorry those of you who like to see pictures of food, we were too hungry to remember to take a picture of our burgers but here's one of Graeme's dessert.  We had a couple of spoonfuls ourself.

We got to watch most of the Canucks game but they lost terribly.  A fairly early night.

We went to visit my Mom and Dad at the nursing home where my mother lives.  My Dad, who has always "poo pooed" our life was quite receptive and glad to see us.

This afternoon we had our daughter Niki and her family, and son Jason and his family, and Graeme over for the afternoon.  Sophie is not yet three, took some of these family pictures.  Aren't they lovely.

We know that this life has changed us.  The weather was just awful.  We are having trouble with our propane tank valves and then......the windstorm caused a huge power outage.  So we went out to dinner.  Great day, nothing was going to spoil it.

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