Saturday, April 10, 2010

BIRTHDAYS - Jason's 40th and Sophie's 3rd

Today was the big birthday party.  Our oldest son Jason was 40 yesterday and his daughter, Sophie, was three today.  And boy, do they do it up well.  What a party.  It was a carnival theme with carnival games for the children and lots of fun for the adults.  There was even spin painting.  Doug and I gave it a whirl!  See the photo above.

Michelle and her mother spend hours and hours on preparations.  There was jelly bellys, loads of prizes for all the children.  There were about 50 guest.  Some real surprises for us.  Friends of Jason's that we hadn't seen for years and my ex-husband.  That was a shock.  Man, he looks so old.  Booze will do that.

This is a picture of my two sons and their two fathers.

This is Jason and his wife Michelle.  Happy couple.

This is our adorable granddaughter Sophie.  Exhausted but beautiful in what we bought her for her birthday.

Tomorrow we have the day to ourselves but please, don't tell anyone.

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