Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fort Langley

Today was by far the best day since we came back to the Lower Mainland.  After a bit of laundry, Doug, Parker and I walked across the bridge to Fort Langley.  It's not like we hadn't been there before but it's different when you are sort of living there.  So I thought that I might give you a little tour of the town. 

Fort Langley is supposedly the birthplace of British Columbia.  Other places make that claim as well but oh well.  It's a pretty little "old town" full of expensive gift shops, boutiques and restaurants.  On a Sunday afternoon there are lots of browsers.  As Fort Langley is only about half an hour from Vancouver, most of the browsers are not locals.

Even on a Sunday afternoon there are long lines of people waiting to get into the more popular of the restaurants.  But they do wait!

Doug and I had our lunch at The Fifties Diner, which seems to be in financial trouble but it did not have much of a wait.  Parker is hardly visible under the table.

Our friends got married in this historic building about 5 years ago.  The outside is more impressive than the inside but it seems there is a wedding there every Saturday for years and now Friday weddings are becoming a normal occurrence.

A couple of years ago, our son Jason and wife Michelle took Doug and I to this restaurant for my birthday.  Super expensive.  It is a piano bar and fondue is the specialty.  The food was fantastic.  The service was not but it had only been open a couple of months when we were there.  I had a drink called a Fuzzy Peach.  It almost knocked my socks off.

On our walk back from town, the canoe club was having lessons on the river that separates Brae Island from the mainland.  They seemed to all be going around in circles.

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Sue and Doug said...

Fort Langley is one of our favourite places!!