Friday, March 12, 2010

No Internet Yesterday - So Two Days Worth

We left Calistoga and traveled north.  We passed through many, many more wineries and beautiful countryside.

We traveled through the beginning of the Redwood Forest to Richardson Grove RV park.  Pretty nice park, probably a lot prettier in the summer.  The One Log House, Grandfather Tree and a gift shop are across the street.  We were impressed with the gift shop, no so much the One Log House and the Grandfather Tree was closed.

Although we had thought that we would go to Gold Beach, Oregon from there, we decided that we would like to take a little longer in California and planned to go to Eureka and stay there for a few days.  As it turned out that was a very good decision.  The RAIN started after supper and by morning the camp ground was absolutely flooding.  The roads were quite empty and that was good because hauling in the pouring and I mean pouring rain is a little treacherous.

So here we are at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka.  It is still raining but the weatherman assures us it will stop by the end of the afternoon.  The fairgrounds has a break for Escapees.  $20.00 a night includes electricity and unlimited Wi Fi.  We found 14 channels on television.  So we are set to stay until at least Monday.

note to JJeri - there's a Winco just down the street.


Jim and Sandie said...

Its good to catch up with you guys and find out how your journey north is going. When can you come back to the states? We miss you guys.

palamine said...

we miss you all too but we are enjoying our time alone before we hit "home" the kids and all that city stuff. We will be back next October.