Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calistoga - How it got the name

Calistoga was founded by Samuel Brannan in the 1840's.  He wanted his little town to be like Saratoga Springs but was so drunk when he named it he said Calistoga, Sarafornia instead.

We explored the little town today.  Tres tres chic.  Art galleries, fancy gift shops, wine tasting and very expensive restaurants.  Luckily they all post their menus outside.  We found one called Sarfornia which had $5.00 burgers on Wednesdays.  Very good burger actually tasted like beef.  We splurged and had a root beer float too.

At a cute little children's shop called Mud Puddles, we bought our gift for Sophie's birthday.  Can't tell you here or show a picture because you don't know who's watching.
We walked up and down the street and took pictures.  I had to take one of my handsome cowboy.  I had given him a hair cut that morning.

Bought a new book as well and spent the rest of the afternoon first sitting outside in the sun then curled up in bed, reading.

Pulling out in the morning and heading north to Garberville, our last stop before Oregon.
Good night friends.

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