Friday, March 12, 2010

Eureka - But they call it "ur a ka"????

Why do they call it ur a ka?  We've heard it three times from different sales people.  Weird, eh!

We are at the Redwood Acres fairgrounds in Eureka.  We never would have found it but Miss Tom Tom helped.  We have learned that she does have a purpose.  When we are almost to where we are supposed to be going, we put in the address and she gets us there.

The fairgrounds are very basic but okay.  We shopped at Winco after a nap and once again achieved a minor miracle fitting the groceries in the fridge and pantry.

We have a casualty in the trailer on the way up.  My Dad's painting fell off the wall and the glass smashed but hey, it looks fine without glass.  No that's not my Dad's painting on the left.  I haven't taken any pictures today so that is from the trip up here.

The weather is pretty awful.  Had a hailstorm at dinner time.  Freaked the dog out.

Good night for now.

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