Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Finally Saw the Sun

Yeah, yeah, I know it has only been a few days of rain.  The both of us grew up in British Columbia and used to be okay with the rain for weeks at a time but after a winter in the desert, we are spoiled.

The picture is of the morning we left Richardson Grove RV Park west of Garberville, California.  We headed north from here to Eureka.

We found the sun in Eureka.  We are camping at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds.  A pretty basic park but the price was right (special rate for Escapees - $20) and electricity and unlimited Wi Fi is included.

Today was just go to the bank and then to the laundromat.  Wow, does it cost a lot to do laundry when you are not in an ESK park.  Nearly $12.00 for three loads and even then the towels were not quite dry.

One thing we hadn't counted on.  Fairgrounds have activities.  Saturday morning was the annual "Hazardous Waste Recycle" day.  Oh main the line was around the block from 9 - 2 pm.  Good thing there were traffic directors or we wouldn't have got back to our site. Tomorrow there is a horse clinic so we will expect more traffic.

Last night we watched "Up in the Air".  We both loved it.  Tonight we have rented "A Serious Man" which I think Doug will like but I will not get it.  Oh well, the things we do for love.

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