Friday, October 13, 2017

THE LAST FEW DAYS - Heading South

During our last week at David's in Bagley, Doug did a couple of things for the motorhome.  He noticed some unusual wear on the right front time.  Uh oh.

So he took it into Bemidji and got two new tires, had the others rotated and had a wheel alignment.  This is the first actual shop work we have had done and I was surprised it didn't cost a lot more.

We had a problem with the cab windows leaking when it rained.  I ordered some stick on gutter from Camping World and he applied it over the windows.  Looks pretty natural and does the job.

We woke up one morning to this.  A frozen car and 17* F (-8*C).  Time to be outta there.  

Bye bye to David, Stefani, Nickolas and the dogs Molly and Sasha.  Hopefully by next year at this time, they will have all moved out west.

Nickolas and Sasha
Nickolas and Molly

Thursday morning we set out.  First stop, south of Sioux Falls (where there is no overnight camping allowed anywhere) to Elk Point, South Dakota.  There is a nice little city park with RV parking for $10.00 a night for electric.  We stayed two nights and did absolutely nothing.   (sorry I don't have a picture of this place but seriously, we didn't go outside).  I was a really long drive so we needed the rest.

This morning we headed out about 9:00am, crossed out of South Dakota, into Iowa for about 10 minutes and then Nebraska.  We are now safely sitting in a Walmart parking lot in Concordia, Kansas.  So another 4 state day.


Jan Mains said...

What's your hurry?

Wanderin' said...

I would think you would be able to get those repairs done through your warranty. Did you check to see if it would cover your expense and fix the leaks and tires?

Tom and Deb Duchaine said...

Sounds like you are heading to warmer weather...:) Hope we will be doing the same soon. Safe travels.

Linda Sand said...

Wow1 When you decide to move you move! 4 states in one day?!