Thursday, July 13, 2017


Hwy 1 East - that's the way

Once you get moving, time flies.  It's hard to believe our time in the Vancouver area is over.  We are back at Monck Park and tomorrow we set off, east for the next month and a bit.

All ready to go.  Trailering takes a bit of time but we are getting better.

We have lots to learn.  We expected to have to be very choosy about where we could buy fuel, but we did find a place in Hope.  I will be diligent about looking up big rig friendly gas stations before we leave.  The dealership had the fuel tank and the propane tank filled for us so this was our first experience.  We were just topping it up.

Doug had to answer a bunch of questions while fueling - How big is the tank? How much mileage do you get?

Back at Monck Park, things looked quite different.  The smoke from wildfires all over British Columbia filled our little valley.  It was gone the second day though.

Now to make our new house a home, to customize it to our liking.

  • assembling bar stools
  • the finished bar stools look pretty good, eh?
  • we kept our new television from the fifth wheel and installed it in the bedroom, and the DVD too.

  • the bays are taking shape
  • we brought our inverter from the fifth wheel and installed it
  • we brought 2 batteries over and bought 1 more
  • the tool bay is looking very tidy

Looking very homey at night

The other day the mailman brought paperback copies of Doug's book.  We found a place of honour for them on the sideboard.

We have had many visitors.  Our friends Bianca and Jack were here at Monck when we got here.  We have such fun with them.

Tomorrow we are off again.  Two days here, two days there.  


Wanderin' said...

There's always a lot of fun things to do when you get a new home. I'm sure you'll think of all kinds of ideas and things you want to do. The planning is the most fun. The work isn't quite so much.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Once all the work is finished you'll truly be able to call it Home.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Ruby said...

That picture of Doug's book on the cabinet peaked my interest. I missed the blog where you announced it, so went in search of that too. I ordered it and have read the first 10 or so pages and it definitely has my attention. I'm not great at novels (my mind wants to read everything linked to in Facebook though), but I'm determined to finish it. I'll give a review when done but so far he gets an "A"! Enjoy your new home. When will you be in Niagara?

Linda Sand said...

Those bar stools look perfect! And the coffee table. And Doug's books. I really like your new home! I hope it travels well and you enjoy the trip.