Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ON THE ROAD - Falkland to Grand Forks

Friday we left our friends in Falkland and drove over to Grand Forks.

The trip uneventful and the scenery amazing.  We passed through Osoyoos which is a very hot tourist destination almost at the US border.  

For those of you who know the road, the motorhome had no trouble climbing the mountain out of Osoyoos.

This is wine country with vineyards on nearly every mountain side.  

We arrived at our friends Terry and Sandra's house in Grand Forks just before suppertime. 

 Our friends Dale and Cathy had came down from Keremeos on their fancy tricycle.  Terry and Sandra's son and his sons also arrived.  A couple from their neighbourhood completed the group.

Yvonne, Garry and Terry

Sandra and Dale

Terry, Cathy and Doug

And there are dogs here.  Terry and Sandra have a golden lab.  Terry shows him and he is winning a lot of ribbons at his early age.  Their son Michael has a shiatsu and an English bulldog.

Grizz is showing Doug the way
 Yesterday we made a side trip.  Just east of Grand Forks is Christina Lake.  Beautiful lake with many, many sunbathers.  A quick dip for Doug while I sat in the little bit of shade I could find.

Today is going to be another scorcher and we are going to an airshow!  Are we crazy?  Lots of sunscreen, hats and cover up clothes.

Tomorrow we are off to Cranbrook and a stay in an RV park.  Yay, air conditioning.


Linda Sand said...

So it begins--another season of touring. In a brand new home. I hope all your travels go well.

Jim and Sandie said...

Air conditioning is a real blessing. Glad everything is going so good with the new home.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Still enjoying the good life...yea!

Jan Mains said...

Today it was 80 degrees. The hottest all summer so far.

Wanderin' said...

You're on the road again but this time through Canada and earlier than you normally have in the past. I bet it feels good. There's still so much to see and so much to do.