Tuesday, February 14, 2017


We arrived at Tynehead RV Park in Surrey on Saturday morning.  Years ago, we had driven by the park and it seemed nice.  The website mentioned all the amenities we need.  I called in December to inquire and called again in January to confirm they would have room.  The rate was quite reasonable.

Upon arrival, we met the owners.  A family.  The older gentleman seemed reasonable although he informed us that there was no WiFi and there hadn't been for a while and they weren't intending to get it.  At that point the son came into the office in his pajamas and informed us rudely that Dad should never have rented us a site.  It was their last site and they usually don't rent it because it is small and the services are iffy!

It took about an hour to back into the site.  Then we had to dig out the path to the rig, dig out the power post and place a "y" on the neighbour's water connection.  There was none of the promised cablevision.

The sites are small, very small.  Our site will seem bigger once the snow melts.  There are mostly "permanents" in this park.  We have met a couple of the neighbours and we will be keeping to ourselves, believe me.

Stored RV's

With the electric working and the fresh water tank filled (the first night the hose froze so we will just fill the tank as needed), we fervently inquired about the cablevision.  We were told that we just had to go to the local office and pick up a box.

Out the back window.  It might be nice once the snow goes.

We had visited the local mall, the largest in British Columbia, the day before for our cellphone and WiFi.  That all went perfectly but the mall is huge and chaotic and we hated it.  Doug went on his own and the cable is wonderful.  400+ channels!  I can watch all the girlie shows on TLC that I have not seen in years.  Hoarders, Say Yes to the Dress, and the Food Network.  Doug keeps his headphones on.


My father ended up back in the hospital last Thursday.  He had a choking attack and was throwing up blood.  He called 911 and went by ambulance to the hospital.  The choking was due to his lung cancer but the throwing up blood is because he has developed stomach ulcers.  

We visited him as soon as we were set up.  Dad looked terrible.  We were told that his cancer had not progressed.  They were attempting to cure his stomach ulcers with medication.  The nurses and Home Care person were most understanding.  There had said he would be released Monday.

He has not been released because he is unable to walk more than a few feet.  They are working on that.  He may be released Thursday.

We cannot convince him that he needs to be in an Assisted Living Facility. We cannot even convince him to increase his home care.  Someone visits for about 1/2 hour each weekday.  Dad refuses any help other than his shower and his dressing.  They could do the dishes, make his bed and do any light cooking.  Dad will not allow that.

We cleaned his house from top to bottom.  He will not be happy when he gets home.  We will continue to visit and clean as needed.  Even though he refuses them, I will take home made meals.

He is so angry and negative.  He picks on everyone but especially me.

We will try to stay positive and keep a smile on our faces.  We will try to find fun things to do while in this massive city.  We will live for the day we can again Escape.


Jim and Sandie said...

I feel so bad for you and have no idea what to say. Just know we are sending love and hugs to get you through this.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Just looking at those photos makes me shiver. I am so sorry you have to be there in the dead of winter.

I am sure dad doesn't want to be ill. If he is like my dad, he won't just lie down and accept the cancer. He sounds like a fighting man and will not give up. I think that is a very admirable characteristic. You all have our prayers for lots of patience, healing and comfort.

Ruby Filar said...

Oh, my! So sorry you have to be there at this time of year and stuck in a not to great RV park. I pray that part gets better quickly. It's so good of you to give your sibling the break that they need from caring for your dad. Some seniors have such a hard time with losing their independence. May God grant you the patience and love that you need to take care of his needs and I pray he will come to appreciate you. Love to you guys on this Valentine's Day! Ruby & Jack Filar (Brits Rally)

Linda Sand said...

I'm sorry this is so hard for you. It makes me even more grateful that my brothers took care of my Mom. And that Dave's stubborn parents never got quite that stubborn. I now understand more why your sibling insisted you come home and take a turn even though it is winter. All I can find to say that might help is, "this too shall pass." Please, know that we care about you and hope you don't stress enough in turn to wind up with your own ulcers.

Unknown said...

Oh Toni so sorry that the RV park is such a disaster. Also sorry to hear about your dad. It is awful to see a parent suffer. And tougher when they won't accept help. We just have to keep doing what we can to make them comfortable even if they resist. Lots of love to you both. Will meet when I am back from India. Stay strong. At least it is warming up a bit now in Vancouver .

Paul Weaver said...

Lots and lots of snow! Yikes! Maybe things will improve around the park or you'll be able to find something elsewhere. Good Luck with dad and try to hang in there!

Wanderin' said...

I wondered how your dad was doing. Sounds your park isn't so terrific but you have essentials including TV! I wish you could head south and get out of that cold weather. Sounds like this is going to be a rough time for you. Has your brother left for warmer weather yet?